Thijs Hovers has been working as a Partner at Lucerne Capital Management

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Thijs Hovers has been working as a Partner at Lucerne Capital Management. This firm, Lucerne Capital Management, has experience significant growth in the last couple of years, due in part to his involvement. Thijs Hovers is currently working as the Senior Investment Analyst for the firm. Prior to his involvement with Lucerne Capital Management, Thijs Hovers was working as the Head of Small-Cap Equity Research with a company called ABN AMRO. Before that, he worked with Rabobank, employed as a Senior Analyst. Thijs Hovers has a wealth of experience in working with both equity and investments. Thijs Hovers was an Economics major at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, receiving his degree in that field. Additionally, he received a Masters of Arts in International Finance from the University of Amsterdam.

Protecting others investments is what Thijs Hovers does. As the Senior Investment Analyst and a partner for Lucerne Capital Management, it is his job to ensure that the company’s clients are going to be happy with their investment returns and that they are protected from significant losses. Making the market work for you is the whole point behind investments of this sort. Thijs Hovers job is to ensure that indeed Lucerne Capital Management is making the market work for their clients.

Lucerne Capital Management exists to provide a valuable service to their clients. They make sense out of a market that confuses many. Lucerne Capital Management’s investment strategy places an emphasis on stability and annualized returns, rather than monthly gains. By protecting clients from risk, Lucerne Capital Management has become a trusted name in their field. The professionals at Lucerne Capital Management know exactly how to develop and then carry out an investment strategy. If you want to make investments in the market but not expose yourself to too much risk, then Lucerne Capital Management is the type of company you want to work with.